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Our system automatically measures, analyzes, diagnoses, and highlights for your team what and how to speed up your site, landing pages & funnels.


Speed Expertise at Your Fingertips

Automated Bottleneck Diagnosis


RUMAnalytics measures every visitor's experience with your site to automatically find where your performance bottlenecks are.  80% of bottlenecks are un-optimized front-end code!

Fixes Prioritized for Highest Impact


Our systems automatically provide 100s of best-practice recommended fixes (and help) in priority order so your team is always working on what will have the biggest impact on speed.

The #1 Factor in Website & Landing Page Abandonment is Speed.

Frustrated users abandon landing pages and sales funnels over slow speed performance more than anything else. Expectations for Mobile are even more demanding.


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Measure 100% visitor speed metrics, We diagnose your bottlenecks & recommend detailed fixes.

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Historical View
Measure your progress vs targets & milestones.  Team views.

WHERE is the Problem?
Where do your web performance issues lie?
DNS, Network, Server, or Front End Code?

Recommendations, speed optimizations, prioritized for maximum effect.


 Installs in 20 Seconds.  No Configuration req'd. 

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URLs Tracking by Time / Pageviews
How are most visited URLs doing?
Which URLs are underperforming?

Metrics as Easy to Understand Graphs!
Mobile & Desktop Browsers

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