Every Millisecond Counts
The number one factor in web site conversions is speed.  We show you where you're slowest & where to spend your time to increase conversions

 "...the value of RUM is in the details... we focus on a few metrics for our dashboards and performance reports. We try to pick metrics that will be representative enough of performance as a whole that we can detect regressions (or validate improvements!)" - Seth Walker, Etsy #

Actionable Data
Prioritize page load times where it is hurting you the most! Speed times by page! Spend you time where it has the most effect.

Real vs Synthethic
Google says real user performance is often quite a bit slower than sythetic testing. Get Real.

How RUMAnalytics works:

There is no software to install or configure & you get actionable data in minutes.

We give you a fast and small asynchronous bit of javascript code to embed on your site & we start reporting back to you live page load performance data from your real users so you can focus on both reducing bounce rates & increasing conversion rates

If a page load takes longer than 2 seconds, 40% of people will abandon your page. 

Standard - $199/mo

No committment, no credit card required.

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30 Day Free Trial on all plans.  

  • 500,000 Million Pageviews/mo
  • One top level domain (example.com, m.example.com)
  • Email Support
  • Performance reports. All browsers.
  • Simple Dashboard
  • Trend Analysis
Pro - $1999/mo
  • 100 Million Pageviews/mo
  • Up to Five Domains (example1.com, example2.com, etc.)
  • Phone & Email Support
  • Performance Reports. All Browsers.
  • Simple Dashboard
  • Trend Analysis

Stop losing conversions to slow web performance.

Easily measure your website speed performance.